Google My Business Services

Google My Business Center

In 2017 Google made several major changes to their Google My Business Center to help local businesses better engage shoppers while they are searching for local products, services and brands. Many of these changes allow local businesses to add call-to-actions to their claimed Google My Business (GMB) page which then will appear within a business's Knowledge Panel in the Google search results, as well as on Google Maps. If used correctly, these new GMB features can have a profound effect on driving shoppers to your local storefronts without shoppers ever having to visit your website.

Unfortunately, I find most flooring retailers lack a basic understanding about how to leverage the Google My Business Center and their Knowledge Panel. Not to mention the advantages it can have over your local competitors when used effectively.  

GMB Services For Flooring Retailers

For 2018, to help local flooring retailers that want to take advantage of all the features in their GMB page but lack the time and knowledge, Webstream Dynamics is offering a monthly Google My Business managed services for flooring retailers. We help retailers by doing all the work for you in the Google My Business Center. We continually work with you to add new monthly posts, such as sales events, photos, and other call-to-actions through the Google My Business Center that will appear on your Knowledge Panel and your Google Maps listings.

Below is a screen shot of the left menu in the Google My Business Center for a typical local business...

Google My business Center