Helping Retailers Get Five Star Reviews

The Best Solution for Getting More 5 Star Reviews

Nothing hurts your business more than negative online customer reviews. Your first line of defense is to get satisfied customers to talk about their positive experience. But encouraging customers to leave reviews can be difficult. Our application helps retail businesses turn satisfied customers into great online reviews and gives storeowners customer feedback to help grow their business. Find out how easy and effective this can be for your business.

A survey conducted Fall 2016 by BrightLocal showed that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

Do You Really Know What Your Customers Think Of You?

What if you gave all your customers this simple survey question right after the job is finished?


9 -10: Promoters - with a little guidance there is a good chance they will recommend your business with a great review. A true measure of customer satisfaction is when customers are willing to talk up your business to their friends, family, and colleagues online and offline.

3 -8: Passive - they are less likely to recommend your business, especially 5 or less score. These customers are only passively satisfied and represent missed opportunities to add to your Promoters.

0 -2: Angry - You simply cannot afford to ignore these customers. Angry customers leave bad reviews and tell their friends about their negative experience. A negative review should be a call to action. And, it may just be the best opportunity you have to turn an angry customer into a customer for life!

*Note: The above is based off of the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) which was developed by Satmetrix to measure customer experience and helps predict business growth.

Customer Testimonials Help Retailers Acquire More Leads

In today’s digitally connected world, positive customer reviews from your Promoters is critical for converting future shoppers into new buyers. At the same time, bad reviews can persuade others to not use your services OR dissuade others from using your services. Worse still, chances are you have no idea how much business you stand to lose! OR you’ve already lost!

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